Unsolicited Comments from Clients, Sources, and Reviewers


Peer-reviewed Manuscripts and Other Publications

This is an exhaustive systematic review done with oversight by the most prestigious diabetes education professional group in the U.S. I found it to be an excellent source of information and as a resource for the future. ~ Reviewer for peer-reviewed manuscript on which I was first author

I will also take the opportunity to congratulate you with an excellent review article, which will represent a valuable contribution to the literature. ~ Editor-in-Chief for peer-reviewed manuscript on which I was first author

I’ve just sent an email to my fellow directors recommending you for future manuscripts…I would really like that one or more of my colleagues could benefit and have the same positive experience that I have had with you while preparing their manuscript. ~ Project Director, Healthcare communications agency

Yesterday’s meeting was a rave review of your outlines [for the monograph] (just in case you couldn’t tell that their comments were … high praise). My colleagues commented that they were very impressed at how few changes were ultimately requested, and how quickly the call went. ~ Editor, Medical publications organization

Hi Carole, I have just read the manuscript with your changes. It is fabulous! It reads so well. It is as though you took my thoughts and made sense of it. 🙂 It is more robust and meaningful. The transition of the manuscript is powerful…thank you. Again, I am so happy with the changes. I look forward to a long professional partnership with you! ~ Research Scientist, Medical device company

Fantastic job on the manuscript. I’m really excited with the way that it came out, Carole. I can sincerely say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I wish all of our partners had your work ethic and drive! I think that we’ll have other opportunities with [our] other clients. We would love to work with you on other projects. ~ Director, Medical communications agency

The feedback on the monograph was great. The client was very appreciative and considered it a vast improvement from the original monograph. They are very excited to share the piece with their teams at the national sales meeting this summer. Thanks for your work on the project. I know that it was quite a challenge! Your diligence, attention to detail, and consistent good work are what make you my first choice in writers. Thanks again! ~ Associate Medical Director, Medical communications agency

I cannot express enough to you, how wonderful your papers are written and that is why they are received favorably. I can’t express enough how much work you put into this actually makes my job much easier. I appreciate everything you have done. ~ Project Director, Pharmaceutical company

As usual, I think you have done a fantastic job laying out some really good points, making a cogent argument, and including many pertinent and useful references in this manuscript. So for now-thanks much for what you have provided to me! ~ Principal Scientist and Director of Business Development, Corporate Technologies, Medical device manufacturer

Hi Carole, Thanks for doing such a great job on the manuscript. I just finished my first read, and I was so pleased with your work. I am hoping that you might be free to start another project for us. Please let me know your availability, and thanks again for doing such excellent work for us. ~ Senior Editor, Medical communications agency

Carole has written several in-depth articles and journal supplements for me. I never have to worry about the quality of her work or her ability to deliver materials on time. Her writing style is professional and engaging, and she is able to distill the essence of complex, technical, and clinical subject matter without oversimplifying it. She provides thorough documentation and references to back up her research, thereby making an editor’s job much easier. It has been a pleasure working with her over the past several years. ~ Editor, Medical journal

I have worked with Carole on many publications and medical education projects over the past several years. I have the utmost respect for her integrity, reliability and dedication to excellence. She is a talented writer with a strong grasp of research methodology that makes her a valuable asset on publication projects. ~ Senior Principal Medical Writer, Medical device company

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Carole on two peer-reviewed manuscript projects and continue to be extremely impressed with her work. In addition to top-notch scientific writing and a command of numerous therapeutic areas, Carole brings an enthusiastic attitude to every step of a project and completes complex work on task and on deadline. Simply put, Carole is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to my professional colleagues without hesitation. ~ Manager, Health communications organization

Carole worked with us to write a manuscript to submit for publishing in an Academic Journal. Carole was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the process and guided each step of the way. She was extremely thorough in her approach to the research review and synthesis and crafted an article that was clear, concise and compelling. The article was accepted for publishing and we were very pleased with the outcome! ~ Assistant Vice President, Customer Insights and Solutions, Health insurance company

Epidemiology and Health Economics and Outcomes Research

I’ve had the pleasure of having Carole work for several of my clients as an Epidemiology/HEOR subject matter expert for the last four years. Carole is the consummate professional in every respect. Her work is incredibly detailed and highly regarded by all my clients. She is extremely accommodating, gracious, and very enjoyable to work with. Carole consistently exceeds my clients’ expectations with her timely, high-quality deliverables. She is an excellent advisor, and a brilliant strategist. I look forward to working with Carole for many years to come! ~ Director of Business Development, Health science consulting firm

Carole is excellent to work with! She provides high quality epidemiological input and medical writing. She will accommodate a very tight project schedule if possible. I can trust her work. She has the ability to glean very detailed information from an abyss of medical literature. She is also extremely personable and professional. I highly recommend Carole and work with her whenever possible. ~ President, Health economics and outcomes research consulting firm

Hi Carole, I met with our team lead for the new indication of compound X for AML. She is very delighted to discover the enormous quality, depth and validity of the epidemiology sections for the AML documents. She said the level of science coming out of our group of clinical epidemiology is unprecedented. A big compliment to you, Carole, for the science you are producing in our collaboration! Thank you! ~ Global Lead, Oncology and Epidemiology, Pharmaceutical company

The slide set presentation on HSCT was very, very well done. It was well-balanced and senior management was so impressed with the level of detail and your thorough approach to summarizing the key points in a vast literature. It was an impressive effort and you deserve the credit for compiling an impressive slide deck that addressed all of the key issues. ~ Global Lead, Oncology, Pharmaceutical company

I am extremely pleased with your work on the epidemiologic analysis of Drug X and have really enjoyed interacting with you! I am tough to impress and I am very impressed with you and your work! I have a call in as I write to ask the team if they will need more from “us”. I have approval to extend your contract as needed for this project. ~ Senior Medical Director & Head Clinical Epidemiology and Analytics, Pharmaceutical company

Carole, The data summary is absolutely perfect!!! Thank you so much! We hit a home run with the presentation and they were very impressed. We gave them a lot to think about and lots of new material to consider Thank you so much for all of your help! ~ Senior Medical Director and Head Clinical Epidemiology and Analytics, Pharmaceutical company

The compound analysis was very well received. It was a real eye-opener for the team…your insights really caused them to reassess their approach and made them realize that they have a lot of work to do to educate the field on this compound. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication on this project. I know it was hard-going at times, but we really do appreciate all the effort you put into this. Thank you for a job well done and I will let you know how the analysis for the second compound is received after it is presented sometime next month. ~ Senior Program Manager, Medical communications agency

Thank you for updating the table and verifying the data so quickly. I think you provided some critical messaging/discussion points. I really like the insights you provided on the preclinical and in development drug messaging. Thanks for all the help and hard work. ~ Project Manager, Continuing medical education organization

Thanks for your excellent research on this topic as I think it will substantially strengthen the proposal. You are right, this will lend toward the support of the Tracker AND interestingly it points out the great need for Company A to push forward on alternate routes of administration, which will significantly improve patient quality of life and will support any submission for a new label indication. Thanks again. ~ President, Medical research company

Strategic Analysis, Publication Planning and Sales Training

The analysis of the literature search was very thorough and the summary was a clean document … thank you again for your careful attention to detail and such thorough work. ~ Senior Scientist and Director of Medical Science, Pharmaceutical strategic marketing company

So I have completed the voiceover review and would first like to say I think you did an outstanding with this. The writing is tight and engaging––even on a rather austere subject such as biostatistics––and I can see it working well both as written text to be read by a user and as voiceover narrative. For me, reading the voiceover really brought the entire module together. The entire learning module really “comes to life” now! ~ President, Medical communications and consulting organization

Carole, this is an amazing accomplishment to date—-with the extreme deadlines we are under, the complexities of this meeting, and the scientific and technological expertise needed to execute this incredible production. A sincere note of appreciation to your dedication to this project. ~ Managing Director, Medical communications company

Carole, thank you for the awesome job you did at the client meeting. You are a brilliant and talented individual and I really appreciate how you anticipate issues and take a leadership role in identifying solutions. ~ Senior Vice President, Sales and Strategy, Medical communications company

Carole, Fabulous, fabulous kudos from [client] and the rest of the team. He wanted me to convey …their gratitude for all your hard work. They received awesome feedback for the pre-work interactive PDF…the reviewer said the piece was beautiful. Phillip says he has never heard anything like that from a reviewer before. ~ Account Director, Medical communications company

You have done such an awesome job on the slides for the training program. The speaker notes are so detailed and you cover all of the key issues. Your work is just outstanding—I could not believe that the pre-work article came back for LMR with only one editorial change. That is amazing and unheard of! I am so glad you are working with us on this training program. ~ Senior Vice President, Sales and Strategy, Medical communications company

You definitely pulled your weight during the preparation and delivery of the pitch for the [product] launch! The medical director took notes while you were talking, they were very engaged, and we got great feedback after the meeting. ~ Senior Vice President, Medical communications company

Thanks for identifying the clinical issues for discussion with the client. You did a great job leading the discussion with the client. You really kept them on track and knew the key issues to address. Thank you for your efforts—you did a great job! ~ Chief Executive Officer, Medical publishing company

Carole was very good [during the presentation of the gap analysis results]. I liked listening to her and I think she brings a good perspective, so I would really like her to be involved especially when we go through clinical or medical data messaging, that kind of content. If she’s available, and is willing to, you know, spare the time, I think that could be helpful. ~ Product launch manager, Pharmaceutical company

They loved your medical insights and SWOT analysis for their product, and feel we will be a major partner to them in the year ahead. They all felt you and the other members of the team presented an excellent and innovative strategic approach for their product launch. ~ Director, Client Services, Medical communications agency

I wanted to let you know your oncology presentation to our client in Chicago was outstanding. Your knowledge of the science strengthened our proposal and really impressed the client. Due to your efforts, we now score above our toughest adversary. I appreciate your seamless participation in the discussions with the client and our team and your prompt replies to their follow-up questions. Our sincerest thanks. ~ President, Medical communications agency

Thanks for the expertly written words and we’re excited to have made it to the next round in this very competitive process. Additionally, in your research, you came across very useful review articles. We’ll be using you as our scientific consultant, especially as we develop some early strategic positioning for the launch. ~ President, Medical communications agency

These slides are excellent. I really like the table summary of unanswered questions and the strengths and limitations of the prelaunch strategy – this really helps put the recommendations for this compound into perspective. Thanks for all your hard work. ~ Scientific Director, Medical communications agency

Just wanted to say thank you for the work you put into getting us ready for the product launch presentation today. We had a lot to do, you were imperative to the presentation and you did a great job. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you all for your help with this pitch! ~ President, Medical communications agency

Continuing Medical Education

I look forward to this meeting as well….I think your outline was amazingly complete and I love that you did not skimp on the pathophysiology….I love the way you think and I’m glad that this is in your hands! Thank you, Carole. ~ Faculty, CME program

This is a very comprehensive and extensive resource guide, you have done a wonderful job of capturing [the published literature and integrating] the conversation of the expert faculty. ~ Vice President, Research, Education, and Professional Practice, Healthcare professional organization

When I knew you were working on this CME project, I knew we were in great hands. I am so impressed with your knowledge of diabetes. It is great to be working with you again. ~ Faculty member, CME program

I’m just so excited about this project. You have done a fabulous job getting our message across with the slides. This is beautiful work!!!! Great job, Carole! I am so looking forward to [the meeting]. It’s going to be terrific. ~ Faculty member, CME program

I’ve finally received comments from the faculty — they’re very satisfied with the case studies. The photos are fantastic and we have formally solidified the presentation deck. Thanks so much for all of your help. On a separate note — and I hope it’s OK — I gave your name and contact info to a [company]. Of course, I highly recommended your work. ~ Senior Medical Director, Continuing medical education company

I am still in awe of the manuscript, and I am extremely pleased with your efforts. What a wonderful document! I believe we have a winning monograph for continuing medical education. It would be difficult to imagine that anyone else would be so thorough, as all of the intended bases were covered. ~ Manager, Medical Services, Continuing medical education agency

Carole has proven to be an asset to each [CME] project on which she has worked. We are starting our sixth project with Carole’s contribution. She has great interpersonal skills with our content experts, excellent attention to detail, and maintains flexibility. Each outcome has been wonderful. ~ Director of Research and Education, Healthcare professional organization

I have just finished going through the slide set. Thank you so much for delivering such a thorough curriculum. I do think that the using the cases at the beginning works very well and the integration of the cases and information was successful and very well put together. I am excited to see their [the faculty] feedback. Again, thank you so much for working under such a tight timeline to deliver such a detailed and comprehensive slide set! ~ Program Manager Fellow, Professional medical association

When I sat down and reviewed the document with you for the CME program, I was so impressed with your attention to detail and your ability to look at the project from 15 different perspectives and put it all together. Your attention to detail is so impressive. ~ Medical Director, CME organization

Carole, I don’t think you realize how much work you have saved us from doing. Your direction, understanding of the therapeutic area, and insights have made a great CME program addressing a difficult topic. The faculty have responded well to your style and approach to the whole project. You are an asset and we will use you again! ~ Program Manager, Division of Continuing Medical Education, Health care professional society

General Feedback

Carole, you have been an invaluable asset to these Ad Boards, and I want you to know that you have been a saving grace for us. A million notes of thanks to you. ~ Medical Director, Pharmaceutical company

Just a note to say thank you for all your work on the Ad Board project. Describing it as challenging would not even begin to shed an understanding on the obstacles. I wanted you to know that I very much appreciate how hard you are working to deliver what the client needs/wants. ~ Vice President, Account Services, Medical communications agency

I want to thank you again for the terrific professional skill, time, talent and dedication you have contributed to the mitral regurgitation project. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope our paths cross again. ~ Project Manager, Science, Education, and Quality Division, Health professional organization

[We] have reviewed the body of work you produced on behalf of this project. Thank you for sharing it with us directly. I thought you deserved to know that your work was very appreciated and that we found it to be of the highest quality…I’d like to maintain our working relationship and look forward to embarking on new and exciting projects in the future. ~ Content Supervisor, Medical communications organization

I want to tell you how impressed I am with not only your work but your incredible professionalism. I took a course in epidemiology in my medical training and it scared me, so I have extra respect for someone who has made this her life’s work! But also I think you handle yourself so well under all of this stress that I find myself taking mental notes of what I can learn for myself. ~ Manager of Science, Education and Quality Division, Cardiovascular disease professional organization

I have thoroughly enjoyed our time working together as well–you are truly a smart, efficient, and brilliant woman, and I will miss your attention to details the most. I know Company will continue to keep you busy, but I hope we will continue to remain in touch [in my new position]. ~ Program Manager, Healthcare professional organization

You just know you are in good hands when you work with Carole. Her high level of professionalism coupled with the high quality of her work quickly made me a repeat customer for her services upon our first engagement. I have had the opportunity to work with Carole a number of times within the past year and she continues to be an invaluable addition to our team. On one particular project, she was instrumental in our collaboration with a KOL and handled the interaction very well. She produced a very thorough and detailed outline of our oncology program in a short period of time and it really impressed the KOL. The team found her very easy to work with, I’m happy to recommend Carole to anyone! ~ Program Manager, Continuing medical education organization

I have had the opportunity to work with Carole on multiple occasions. She has always exceeded my expectations by delivering high quality work. Carole was a pleasure to work with and made some difficult projects easier to achieve. She was recommended to me by one of my colleagues and I can highly recommend her to others. A highly skilled and creative author. And a delight to work with. ~ Director, Marketing Emergency Care, Medical device company

Hi Carole!!!!! This is wonderful news!! Much hard work has gone into this project. You deserve the praise offered in this note. Enjoy this!!! Thank you too for your continued dedication and supreme effort you provide. These are greatly appreciated!! ~ Director of Business Development, Pharmaceutical consulting agency

Carole, you have been so easy to work with –you are very good at what you do and a valuable asset to us. You’re always prompt with follow-up and are good about giving me “heads up” when it looks like a business arrangement is going to warrant another look, which I appreciate. ~ Director, Strategic Communications, Medical communications agency

The Client was thrilled with your work, so much so that they wrote this appreciation in CAPITOLS! The client also wanted to thank you for the early delivery. ~ Editorial Director, Medical communications organization

Over the past 2 years I have gradually increased the amount of work I send to Carole, because the quality and overall experience has been so positive. Carole is extremely deadline driven, and is absolutely fantastic at meeting the deadlines she sets. The quality of her work has been very high. She has been especially good at helping me complete editorial changes once the peer review comes in. The assignments I have asked her help with range from short editorials (where I just want a second set of eyes or some minor editing) to most recently, a very detailed report on the healthcare environment in China. ~ Principal Scientist, Medical device manufacturer

I have had the pleasure of working with Carole on numerous occasions. She is absolutely top notch in every sense of the word. Expert work, timely, personable and of the highest integrity. I look forward to working with her again and would recommend her to anyone looking for one of the best in the industry. ~ Manager, Health research staffing agency

I am in receipt of your e-mail and both files. I want to express my gratitude for your keen eye, positive critiques, attention to detail, vigilance, and patience. Thank you. I look forward to a strong professional relationship with you. My heartfelt thanks for all of your hard work. Carole, I look forward to our continued relationship. ~ Research Scientist, Medical device company

Carole, I am often asked for recommendations on med writers and will continue to recommend you with full confidence! ~ Chief Medical Editor, Medical communications organization

Hi Carole, I understand that this project was quite complex. You always provide us with quality work and it never requires any editing. Thanks. ~ Chief Medical Editor, Medical communications agency

You did an outstanding job distilling the key concepts from the Advisory Board Meeting. Thank you for your concise summary, hard work, and quick turn-around. ~ Vice President, Medical communications and publishing company

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